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Mary Dean, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I am a licensed clinical social worker, and have been in the field of behavioral health for over 28 years.  I received my Bachelor's degree from UL at Lafayette and my Master's from the LSU School of Social Work.  I have had the opportunity to work with a number of psychiatrists and therapists, while providing individual, family, group and marital therapy.  I have also worked as a hospice and home health social worker providing grief and supportive therapy.


I was born and raised in south Louisiana, moved to Dallas, Texas in 1987 and just recently moved back home.   I have 2 children in college, I would say they are grown, but anyone who is a parent of a child in college knows that is not true.  Once my second child left for college, I convinced my husband it was time for me to move back home, where new opportunities and challenges await. I am really excited to be back and am thankful to him to be willing to leave Texas and give Louisiana a chance.


I knew I wanted to be a therapist in high school and thanks to my Dad’s example, I set a goal and went for it.  In my role as a therapist I support, educate, coach, referee, confront and challenge.  I believe therapy is an opportunity to move forward and to improve relationships with those in your life.  My goal is to provide a comfortable environment in which my client can begin that journey.


God, family and friends are important to me and I strive to meet others where they are and to respect where they want to go.


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