Our Mission

Blumrich Counseling is here for every individual, in every stage of life, needing emotional support and growth.  The counselors at Blumrich Counseling help to make your hard things easier.  We are here for all individuals seeking change in their life, no matter what stage you are in.  Imagine a place where you feel accepted for who you are. Blumrich Counseling is a place where an empathetic listener gives warmth, trust, and respect. We are trained professionals, each having a particular interest and expertise that can specialize to your individual need.  

Our Team

Our Offerings

We offer counseling services for every stage in life: childhood, adolescents, and adulthood.  Each stage of life encounters its own challenges: family conflict, divorce, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse.  We have a counselor that will fit your individual need.