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To meet the needs of our clients during the COVID-19 situation, the Louisiana Professional Counseling Board has granted permission for clinicians to offer telehealth services in accordance with the Public Health Emergency Powers Act (La. R.S. 29:760, et seq. The Governor of the State of Louisiana has emergency powers to deal with public health.) Clinicians must follow both HIPAA and ethical standards in order to participate.

Currently counselors at Blumrich Counseling can convert your appointment to a telehealth appointment via an online platform called after a few steps. Helpful in situations where you’ve been exposed to anyone with the virus, been in an airport, or showing any symptoms of ANY illness including a fever, and need to wait 14 days after the fever has subsided before coming in for an in-person appointment OR any other CDC and government recommendations. 


HOWEVER, it is unclear if this will be covered by your health insurance plan at this point in time. We encourage you to call your insurance provider and verify that telemental health will be covered. We will bill for services but cannot guarantee that it will be allowable therefore you may be responsible for a out of pocket rate. 


Telehealth instructions

There are a few steps to prepare for telehealth services listed below.


1. Sign the Informed Consent for Telehealth Services form -

     A. Ask to be invited to your client portal to sign documentation prior to session if               you have not previously received an email. 


     B. Click here to download the consent form. 


     C. You may also call the office to request the appropriate documents by email or               regular mail.

2. Once you receive the documents, you can:

     A. Access your account using the email address you have on file in TherapyNotes,            your date of birth, and a secure password that you create. If you need help follow          the link for instructions. 

        How To: Review or Sign a Document as a TherapyPortal User


      B. If you have received the form by downloading above, email or regular mail                    please sign and return immediately to the office via regular mail or email.                    Please be aware that the latter means of communication is not secure and as                such is not HIPAA compliant.

2. Follow your clinicians link to go to their virtual waiting room. Details below.


Doxy is a very simple to use telehealth platform that is compliant with HIPAA regulations. You can easily meet with your therapist by putting the link provided next to your clinician's name into your Chrome or Firefox web browser. Then allow permission to your camera and microphone on your personal laptop (do not use work computers as they are considered property of your employer and can compromise your confidentiality) or mobile phone. Next type your name in the Check-in box that appears, you are now in the waiting room. We will be with you at your appointment time or shortly after. See the link below for a video tutorial. - Checking in as a Patient: Chrome

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